Kids Docs Know Best

Children’s Medical Staff Stars in Eisner TV
ATLANTA–Leaning heavily on its staff’s depth of experience, Children’s National Medical Center has launched a trio of television commercials to get that point across.
The advertising campaign for the Washington, D.C.-based medical facility was created by Eisner & Associates in Baltimore.
The series of television commercials employs real-life examples of how doctors at Children’s National Medical Center were able to use their years of experience to solve what appeared to be serious pediatric problems.
In “Sonogram,” a visual of a baby in its mother’s womb is shown while the voiceover explains her doctor thought there might be a heart defect. The good news is the physicians at Children’s National Medical Center are so well versed in dealing with prenatal diagnoses that they were able to determine there was no problem.
“Algebra” shows how a team of medical specialists at the center discovered the cause of a young teen’s mysterious stomach ache (an upcoming math test). Another commercial talks about how a Children’s National Medical Center pediatrician decided that a young child who swallowed a carpet tack would not need surgery, but could allow the object to work its way through his system.
“We went out and spoke to parents, particularly mothers,” said Eisner & Associates management supervisor Andy Hertzberg. “Once we told them about [Children’s National Medical Center], it became clear to them these were the doctors their children needed to see.”
Though the advertising campaign is primarily aimed at mothers of infants, the message is also meant to influence those parents’ pediatricians, who often help determine the choice of a hospital.
The three television commercials, which broke over the weekend, are airing in spot buys on network affiliate stations. A fourth TV spot, which is currently in the final phase of the post-production process, will be added to the original broadcast mix upon completion. That ad will run into the spring.
Individual credits for the Children’s National Medical Center advertising campaign include creative director Bill Mitchell, art director Jim Nealey, copywriter Hugh Carson, account managers Hertzberg and Rick Grant, account planners Joseph Bruce and Jeff Erickson, director of broadcast buying Joanie Slater and director Henry Sandbank.