Kids Aid DesignHead’s Hasbro,

Nickelodeon Work for Toy Fair
DALLAS–Tocquigny Advertising & Design in Austin, Texas, is unveiling several creative projects from its youth-marketing subsidiary, DesignHead, for two key clients at this week’s International Toy Fair.
The work includes trade show materials for Hasbro and a series of assignments for children’s cable television network Nickelodeon.
The Nickelodeon creative project includes an undisclosed branding assignment, plus strategy and design work for new on-air program concepts for the network.
Ellis Richardson, who leads the DesignHead unit, said the conceptual work will surround the new Nickel-O-Zone programming segment this fall, which will occupy the one-hour, prime-time slot before Nick at Nite shows are aired.
For the assignments, DesignHead utilized ideas conceived following focus group studies with fifth graders in the Austin area, according to Tocquigny marketing director Dirk Van Slyke.
Van Slyke said he and Richardson will attend the International Toy Fair to help introduce the work. They also hope to hold discussions with other potential clients.
The Hasbro assignments continue a relationship DesignHead brought into Tocquigny Advertising & Design last October, when the agency acquired the studio to build under-25 marketing capabilities for potential national advertisers.
DesignHead was founded in 1985 by Richardson, who previously was an on-staff designer at Coca-Cola in Atlanta. The company’s clients have included Coca-Cola and The Micro-soft Network. –Glen Fest