kickin’ it in the crib

“Hickory Dickory Dock” and “Humpty Dumpty” have a whole new flavah, thanks to J. Walter Thompson’s Dan Cohen.

The associate creative director said he and his wife, Leslie, parents of two, are “bom barded with nursery rhymes. They’re all so juvenile. They’re meant for little people, not adults. … You can only listen to Barney for so long.”

So they developed Bust a Nursery Rhyme, an album that brings hip-hop flair to a dozen popular nursery rhymes, including “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Jack and Jill” and “This Old Man.”

As rapped by Felonious: onelovehiphop (a band managed by Cohen’s brother Billy), the rhymes are mostly intact, with some flourishes (for example: “Humpty Dumpty got outta bed/Humpty Dumpty shined his egghead,” and “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick/Jack jump over the candlestick/But the candlestick was much too short/Jack longed for a taxin’ sport”).

Unlike offerings from Nelly or OutKast, this album—which has the Cohens’ 2-year-old daughter Cameron deejaying on the cover—is family-friendly. “There’s no profanity,” Cohen said. “It’s all G-rated.”