Kia Aims for a Perfect 10 in Emotional Super Bowl Ad

For its 15th turn in the Big Game, Kia spotlights its 2024 EV9, an all-electric three-row SUV

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Kia’s Super Bowl 58 ad centers its all-electric EV9—the first mass-market three-row EV SUV in the U.S.

The 60-second ad, “Perfect 10,” debuted today and will air during the Big Game’s fourth quarter.

In the spot, a young figure skater competes in a regional championship. Her dad watches from the stands, but there’s an empty chair next to him, prompting viewers to wonder who is missing. Cat Power and Coldplay’s song “Wish I Was Here” plays in the background.

After the official competition wraps up, the figure skater and her dad drive home in their Kia SUV.

There happens to be a frozen pond outside of the house, and it appears that the skater’s dad has a plan when he uses the EV9’s onboard power station to power outdoor string lights and a speaker.

The speaker’s wheelchair-bound grandfather watches through the window as she begins a solo performance on the pond. With tears in his eyes he writes ’10’ in the window condensation.

Kia partnered with longtime create agency of record David&Goliath to produce the ad. Serial Pictures’ John Hillcoat directed it.

“We all have this power within us to do incredible things in life, big or small. Knowing that this power exists is the first step,” said David Angelo, founder and creative chairman of David&Goliath, in a statement.

“To launch the all-electric, three-row EV9, Kia’s most impressive, powerful vehicle to date, we wanted to lean into that message by illuminating what’s possible when power meets functionality meets inspiration.”

Power and grace

With “Perfect 10,” Kia leans into concepts of power and grace, key characteristics of the new EV9.

Like it did for its two most recent Super Bowl spots, Kia crafted an interactive campaign. A TikTok integration invites fans to use the platform’s Duet feature to post their own success story while the grandpa from the ad appears to watch and celebrate the moment. The brand partnered with eight influencers who will post their own Duets.

The brand’s also leveraging TikTok’s Shake Surprise feature to elicit more social interaction from viewers. When viewing the Kia spot on TikTok, fans can shake their phones to generate a virtual flurry of snow overlaid on the spot.

And to double down on the EV9’s all-electric power, the Kia ad will light up when viewed on social media.

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