KFC’s Got a TV Secret

NEW YORK KFC today introduces a campaign that requires television viewers to replay an ad in slow motion in order to decipher a code and get a discount coupon.

According to KFC, consumers can “crack the code” by replaying the TV spot frame-by-frame. When screened in slow motion, an embedded “secret code” is revealed, along with directions on how to redeem the free offer. The offer is good for a $1-off coupon on KFC’s new Buffalo Snacker sandwich.

Foote Cone & Belding in Chicago handles the $300 million KFC advertising account.

“The secret code is out there if you’re hungry enough to find it,” said Scott Bergren, evp, marketing for KFC. “And we want people to solve the mystery so that they can enjoy the new Buffalo Snacker on us.” The ad can also be viewed at KFC.com.

The spot will run through March 3 during evening programming on NBC, including the Winter Olympic Games; on Fox programming, including 24 and American Idol; during CBS programming, including Survivor; during select National Basketball Association games on TNT; and on national cable networks like USA, TBS, ESPN, BET, HBO and MTV.

ABC will run an edited version without the hidden content.

“This program gives us the chance to generate news in a completely unconventional way,” Tom O’Keefe, executive creative director on the KFC account at FCB, said in a statement.

—Brandweek staff report