KFC’s Award-Winning Ads, Using Spicy Fried Chicken as Flames, Return for Game of Thrones

The fun campaign from Hong Kong won at Cannes and D&AD

Ogilvy brings a little dracarys to KFC's much-celebrated visual campaign. KFC Hong Kong
Headshot of David Griner

One of last year’s most charmingly visual ad campaigns is back, and this time it’s got an even more topical twist.

The “Hot & Spicy” print and outdoor ads from Ogilvy Hong Kong won gold at the Cannes Lions and a wood pencil at D&AD last year thanks to its perfect use of spicy fried chicken photography as a replacement for flames. Adweek also named it one of the best ad campaigns of 2018. (You can see the original run of ads below.)

Now KFC Hong Kong brand and agency have partnered again to create the image above in celebration of this weekend’s Game of Thrones season premiere. (The brand is one of many leveraging buzz around the show’s final season, so be sure to check out Adweek’s roundup of branded Game of Thrones tie-ins.)

In addition to the print design, here’s an even more impressive animated version:

“KFC has always been part of the cultural conversation, so the upcoming premiere was the perfect opportunity to remind customers that the best way to enjoy the show is by grabbing a bucket of Hot & Spicy to share” says Shirley Chau, marketing Director of KFC Hong Kong in a statement about the campaign’s return.

While many western brands have been hyping the show’s return through innovative stunts and ads, it’s interesting to see a Hong Kong brand-agency team also celebrating the show. The creative team says it’s an illustration of just how massive Game of Thrones has become.

“This new Hot & Spicy campaign is a nod to a show that has become a global phenomenon, just like KFC,” says John Koay, executive creative director of Ogilvy Hong Kong. “It really shows KFC at its most playful and is a great example of how brands can leverage pop culture to show their relevance.”

Here’s a look back at the original Hot & Spicy ads, followed by credits for the new execution:


Chief Creative Officer: Reed Collins
Executive Creative Director: John Koay, Matthew Nisbet
Creative Director: Fung Chan, Jim Fong
Art Director: John Koay
Senior Content Designer: Alex Burton
Executive Group Director: iris Liu
Account Director: Rita Lam
Account Executive: Ervan Luk
Photographer: Illusion Bangkok
Illustrator: Illusion Bangkok

@griner david.griner@adweek.com David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."