KFC Swaps Out Norm Macdonald for Jim Gaffigan as Its Latest ‘Real’ Colonel

Finds a pitchman who may actually eat fried chicken

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KFC and Wieden + Kennedy's wacky search for the perfect Col. Harland Sanders continues, this time with comedian Jim Gaffigan.

Earlier this week, KFC posted a montage of Norm Mcdonald's clips, effectively ending the ex-SNL star's run as pitchman after he replaced Darrell Hammond in August.

During Sunday's Super Bowl pregame broadcast, KFC will run a 30-second commercial called "Dream." In the new spot, Gaffigan wakes up from a nightmare in which Macdonald steals his identity (and credit for the launch of the chain's Nashville Hot Chicken).

"Only I can introduce KFC's delicious new hot chicken," Gaffigan says in the ad. Later this month, a follow-up spot, "Nightmare," will launch.

Unlike KFC's previous work, the brand may have finally found its pitchman in Gaffigan. Food is a common theme in the comedian's sketches, and his stand-up work often riffs on brands like McDonald's, Hot Pockets and Domino's. Gaffigan's book, Food: A Love Story, was also published last year.

Check out KFC's previous work with Macdonald and Hammond below:

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