KFC Jumps for Joy

NEW YORK A 15-second commercial for KFC celebrates the fast-food chain’s recent decision to eliminate trans fat with edited consumer-generated clips of people in various states of merriment. Set to The William Tell Overture, the spot by DraftFCB in Chicago shows folks dancing, jumping around and generally brimming with joy. The party ends with a fireworks-filled sky and this on-screen message: “0 grams of trans fat per serving. The bucket’s back,” as a man blows out birthday candles on just such a container. While it’s hardly believable that anyone would feel overjoyed because of this particular piece of information, the spot is a cost-effective means of getting the word out. Still, one wonders: Now that KFC is cooking with soybean oil, will fans still find its drumsticks, wings and thighs “finger lickin’ good?”