KeySpan Energizes Customers

Following a series of acquisitions and name changes, KeySpan Energy Delivery has launched a branding effort to increase public awareness of its new identity.

The campaign follows KeySpan’s acquisition of New England energy company Eastern Enterprises last month, which includes subsidiaries Boston Gas, Colonial Gas and Essex Gas.

This is the company’s first image effort in New England, said Al Gerber, manager of corporate advertising for KeySpan, which serves more than 2.2 million customers in New York City, Long Island and New England.

The ads, tagged “Putting more energy into life,” are running through the middle of next year on cable and network TV in New York and New England during early and late news, sports and prime time shows.

Four 30-second TV ads, created by Earle Palmer Brown, New York, attempt to depict how KeySpan “energizes” its customers.

In one spot, a kitchen assistant lethargically chops vegetables until he is invigorated by the opportunity to fill in for a sick chef and fires up the oven. A second execution shows two senior citizens dim the lights and turn on a gas fireplace as they dance around the living room. In another, several children, a dog and a grandmother make their way into mom and dad’s bedroom to huddle in bed for warmth when the heat goes off. And in the fourth execution, a father adjusts the thermostat as he comforts a crying baby. The child burps, and a voiceover says, “Gas is natural. Gas is also clean, efficient and reliable. Oh, one other thing: Gas is quiet.”

“We wanted to put a human face on KeySpan and show how energy is used by people and how [KeySpan has] a big hand in that,” said Lou Carvell, creative director of EPB, which worked with Brooklyn Union, now part of KeySpan, for 24 years.

The campaign primarily targets current and prospective customers. It also includes three print ads and one radio spot focusing on the name change. The budget was not disclosed.