KeySpan Ads to Air

KeySpan Energy will break TV ads from Earle Palmer Brown this week, adapting its “Putting more energy into life” positioning for the summer season.

One 30-second spot, “Pool Party,” opens with a man grilling beside his pool, which begins to attract a disquieting number of penguins. “If your pool isn’t heated with natural gas—who do you expect to show up?” asks a voiceover.

The six penguins used for the commercial “behaved phenomenally,” said Lance Mald, chief creative officer of New York-based EPB. The birds needed no coaxing to dive into the pool. “They see water and they run like crazy,” said Mald.

The footage was enhanced to make it appear that dozens of penguins were involved.

“Fan” takes place around a suburban dinner table, where a family relies on an electric fan the size of a Hollywood wind machine to keep them cool. They shout at the tops of their voices to be heard above the din. Protective goggles shield their eyes as bits of food are tossed across the room. “There’s a better way to stay cool this summer,” a narrator suggests. “The same dependable peo ple you rely on for all your heating needs also install, replace and service central home air conditioning.”

For the effort, Margaret Mandell supplied copy and Louis Carvell handled art direction. Tom DeCerchio directed for Incubator Films.

The spots will run on network and cable outlets in New England and New York. Similarly themed radio ads have also been produced. The client spends $3-4 million on annually on media, according to CMR.