Ketchum Fashions New Spud Spots

Ketchum Advertising here invites consumers to use their imagination when cooking, to go beyond baking and mashing their spuds, in three new TV spots launched this month for the National Potato Promotion Board.
“We’re trying to show people that making dinner with potatoes is easier than they think,” said Bruce Campbell, executive creative director at Ketchum. “Potatoes can take center stage on consumers’ plates in speedy, improvisational and delicious meals.”
“The [NPPB] is joining the ranks of other commodity boards who are producing exciting advertising,” said Bob Ravasio, Ketchum’s senior vice president and group account director. “Campaigns such as ‘Got milk?’ and ‘It’s the cheese’ have [changed the image] of what was once considered predictable advertising.”
The NPPB’s “New potato” campaign is running in 19 markets nationwide, including New Orleans, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia and San Diego. The campaign is supported by radio promotions in each market.
The ads feature two Los Angeles-based comedians who improvise dialogue in the unscripted spots.
The man and woman show up on strangers’ doorsteps as unexpected houseguests, carrying a huge sack of potatoes. They tell everyone– with an overbearing perkiness– that they’ve arrived for dinner.
They burst through the front door of each home, find their way to the kitchen and frantically raid cupboards and refrigerators, searching for ingredients to make a potato dish. The two make entrees such as a potato-based stir-fry, chatting cheerfully as the homeowners watch, stupefied.
The Denver-based NPPB represents more than 10,000 potato growers throughout the U.S. Ketchum has handled the account for more than a decade.