kennedy heats Citizens Ads

Once the weather turns cold in New England, Joe Kennedy can be counted on to make his annual appearance in public service efforts for Citizens Energy Corp.

In a breaking TV spot, a mother is shown dressing her young daughter in a heavy coat and mittens. Instead of sending her outside, the mom tucks the girl into bed. “There are better ways to keep warm this winter,” says Kennedy, who appears at the spot’s conclusion, urging low-income and elderly people without adequate heat to call Citizens to gain access to low-cost fuel.

Kennedy, the former U.S. representative who of late has been touted as a likely Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate in 2002, formed nonprofit Citizens Energy 20 years ago. “Getting Dressed” is the first of three spots produced this year by Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos in Boston. The campaign, which also includes billboards, is appearing in Boston, Springfield, Mass., and Providence, R.I. Hill, Holliday has featured Kennedy in pro bono ads for Citizens Energy for the past eight years.