keeping faith

Most clients want to avoid overtly religious themes in their ads. The Maimonides School is not one of them.

The renowned Torah-study institution in Brookline, Mass., has unveiled a pro-bono print campaign from Boston’s GSO/ Davis that employs the tagline, “Putting our faith in our children.”

Text is rendered in a decidedly biblical typeface set against backgrounds resembling traditional prayer shawls.

“Our students leave their lockers unlocked. Of course, ‘Thou shalt not steal’ is more than just a school rule here,” reads one ad.

“The benches in our shul came directly from Israel. In return, we’ll be sending them 70% of our graduating class,” promises another execution, referring to the large number of Maimonides alums who defer college entry to spend at least one year of independent religious study in Israel.

C.J. Kaplan wrote the ads, teaming with art director Glenn Britland.