keepin’ it real

Given the popularity of reality TV, who can blame the Portland Trailblazers for sending a camera crew to follow the camera crew that was shooting commer cials for the team?

First, local agency Nerve set out to shoot ads tagged “One fan at a time” that have three players as door-to-door salesmen, trying to win over folks in Portland. Then, ever on the alert for a marketing opportunity, team execs sent a second crew to film the Nerve shoot and release a “making of” video to the media to help hype the season.

“They just wanted to catch the personality of the players,” said Nerve president Michele O’Hara. And that they did. The ads may feature actors pretending to be prospective fans, but the players are the real deal—which is probably why their outtakes are a riot.

Asked how she felt about the client’s marketing staff peeking behind the scenes at the shoot, O’Hara said she had no problem with it. “I think the world of the team’s marketing department,” she said, adding that it’s the same department that hired Nerve without a review.