Keep ‘Em Marching

he Zimmerman Group in Durham, N.C., recently led the charge to rescue the city’s budget-strapped Jordan High School Band.
The shop’s pithy print pieces use short, contrasting statements to explain the band’s economic plight. “$ [is] what we need. ¢ [is] what we get” and “+ [is the] status of our membership. [is the] status of our budget” are two examples. At the bottom of the ads, “Keep the Jordan H.S. Band playing” ascends a musical scale.
The effort caught the attention of a reporter at WRAL-TV in Raleigh, N.C., leading to three on-air stories about the band and a shot of one of Zimmerman’s ads.
JHSB director Dave Robinson said the band is close to its goal of $50,000. He noted it was trumpet player Sarah Zimmerman’s mom, agency president Ellen, whose pro bono work was instrumental in the fundraising.
-T.W. Siebert