Keep On Buggin’

Tired of all the rubberneckers staring at those cute Volkswagen Beetles on the road? Just wait.
Following in the footsteps of Nintendo, which last year used a fleet of yellow Bugs to promote its Pokemon game, one Las Vegas startup marketing company is capitalizing on all the attention the vehicles are getting by forming “Bugs on the Move,” a fleet of ’99 Beetles that will be converted into moving ads, much like the popular wrapped buses.
“We can custom design a car to look like a champagne bottle with a glass on top, or a shoe for a shoe convention or anything else our customers want,” says Bugs president Kari Arbogast.
Bugs on the Move opened for business last Monday in the Las Vegas area. “You wouldn’t believe the response,” laughs Arbogast, whose business partner is her husband, Kirk.
The cars are currently promoting–what else?
–the company itself (see photo) in the Las Vegas area.
–Teresa Buyikian