Keating Magee Takes Its Own Advice

DALLAS Keating Magee Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations has conceived a new corporate identity for itself, the agency said. The words “momentum marketing” will now be included on all communications and print ads promoting the shop.

Shop CEO Jennifer Magee said the New Orleans-based agency has grown 20 percent in the last two years, and it was time to capitalize on that accomplishment and market the company for future success.

“This is a research project we’ve been working on for the last 22 years,” she said. “Case after case, we’ve been able to turn business around for our clients. Sometimes it’s important to think of one’s own company as a client.”

Magee defined momentum marketing as a “process and accumulation of resources that allow for maximum exposure.” She said the agency created the new philosophy after a series of internal strategic planning sessions in which the shop evaluated its goals and revised its selling point.

Magee believes most agencies do not advertise themselves because they rely upon referrals and lack aggressive self-promotional programs. “In the creative business, we have to do what we tell our clients to do,” she said.

Keating Magee will introduce the new brand at tonight’s New Orleans Chamber of Commerce monthly business event.