Keating Magee Executives Join Netcom

DALLAS Keating Magee is losing three employees to The Netcom Group, including former president Van Gallinghouse, Netcom said.

Gallinghouse and Jennifer Bollinger, formerly an account supervisor at Keating, are joining the New Orleans interactive marketing firm with equal ownership in the company and will both manage day-to-day duties of the agency. The firm is also owned by Brett Buras.

Tricia Davis, formerly an account executive at Keating, joins as account supervisor. The additions bring Netcom’s staff count to 10; Keating, also based in New Orleans, now has 24 employees.

Keating CEO Jennifer Keating Magee said the positions of Bollinger and Davis will be immediately filled but that Gallinghouse’s vacated post does not pose an urgent need. “His sole focus was on new-business lead generation and we have others on the staff who do that as well,” Magee said. “We’ll take the time to look to get the best person.”

Keating subcontracts work to Netcom for clients like Greater New Orleans Inc. and the Sheraton New Orleans. Keating said that partnership would continue. “We have a good relationship. We know that Van and Jennifer are talented and the work will continue to be good if not better,” Magee said.

Gallinghouse, who joined Keating as executive vice president in 1998, said he made the move both because he was interested in the ownership opportunity and because he sees the Internet as “a critical element in any serious business’ growth.” He added, “[Interactive marketing] is fresh and the space is not very crowded on a regional playing field, which is where we look to compete primarily.”