Keanu Reeves Surfs a Motorcycle in Squarespace’s 30-Second Aspirational Super Bowl Spot

In-house creative team is behind the ad

Keanu Reeves calmly surfs a motorcycle while sing-speaking along to Will Powers’ inspirational and affirmation-heavy song “Adventures in Success” in Squarespace’s 30-second Super Bowl spot. The ad kicks off a new campaign for Squarespace, “Make It Happen,” starring Reeves.

Reeves is the co-founder of Arch Motorcycle, which used Squarespace for its website before Reeves was approached for the ad. Since partnering with Squarespace, Arch Motorcycle’s website has gotten an upgrade.

“There’s something about Squarespace that’s really accessible yet sophisticated,” Reeves said in a statement. “The design and functionality share a similar ethos to Arch Motorcycle. When I was approached to make this commercial, we were already using the platform, which makes it a really organic fit.”

The “Make It Happen” campaign from Squarespace’s in-house creative team will feature Reeves in two more spots meant to inspire people to realize their dreams and use Squarespace while doing so.

“Even in turbulent times, we’ve seen the persistence of the American entrepreneurial spirit, and we are proud to have a small hand in making it easier for people to turn their dreams into a reality,” said Squarespace CEO and founder Anthony Casalena in a statement.

It’s unclear which quarter the ad will air in but a representative for Squarespace did say that it would be during the first half of the game.

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