K.C. Shop Looks to Spread Out

NKH&W has em-barked on the creation of a regional network of seven to eight offices in the next year and a half, having already opened its first outpost, according to agency officials.

The Kansas City, Mo., agency opened an office in Tulsa, Okla., last month and will do the same in Denver in the next couple of months, said Peter Kovac, CEO of the $65 million agency.

“We conducted a critical assessment of our location and its proximity to existing clients and clients we want to serve,” Kovac said. “What we found was, if you’re not going to be [physically] there, they’re going to find someone who is.”

About half of the agency’s billings come from business-to-business accounts.

The opening of the Tulsa office comes as the agency begins work with a new Oklahoma-based client, Hilti of America. Billings on the account, which the shop landed in December, were not disclosed.

Though Tulsa represents the shop’s first regional office, having a core client will not be the deciding factor behind the agency’s expansion plans, Kovac said.

Sara Wilson, a former executive vice president with Tulsa business-to-business shop Hartman Advertising, will head up the new office as vice president and management supervisor. Kathy Bee, who had been with Micromotion in Boulder, Colo., will manage the agency’s Denver office, which is scheduled to open this spring.

Setting up an office in the Mile High City will give the shop a chance to target high-tech businesses based in the West, Kovac said.

“We’ve been planning on establishing a base of operations in Denver because of our interest in the ever-expanding high-tech market,” he said.

The agency is looking to establish another five or six satellite offices within a 500-mile radius of Kansas City. “I don’t think you’ll be seeing us open a regional office in New York or Miami,” Kovac said.

Each office will initially be staffed with a local person, as well as someone from NKH&W’s Kansas City headquarters to act as a “bridge,” said Kovac. “We’ll be looking for key people in places we want to be.”