Kansas City, Meet ‘Belly Boy’

Taken literally, Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners’ first three TV spots for Kansas City Power & Light are about barbecuing, jazz and football.
One stars a happy-go-lucky ribs eater named Dan, another, a 50-something jazz buff named Dorothy and the third (shown here), a gelatinous local football fan known as “Belly Boy.”
Dan ineptly smothers meat with barbecue sauce, Dorothy barely plays a saxophone at a jazz club and Belly Boy, well has a large belly and shouts a lot. Each spot carries the tagline: “How Kansas City are you?”
The agency hopes natives will feel good about Kansas City, and by extension, the 115-year-old utility that serves the region, said Bill Oberlander, co-creative director at the New York shop.
“You can always hate your local power company, but you can’t hate Kansas City,” Oberlander said. “That was the angle.” –Andrew McMains