JWTSC to Promote Health Drink

Praising Virtues of Aloe Lu Ya (Say ‘Hallelujah’) for ‘Active Families’
DALLAS–JWT Specialized Communications has been assigned the rollout marketing duties for a new health/sports drink getting a lift from former National Football League star Herschel Walker.
Aloe Lu Ya (as in “hallelujah”), a fruit-flavored beverage containing aloe vera, is currently available in health food stores. But with a major purchase order ready to be filled with Wal-Mart, the brand is looking for JWTSC to mount as much as a $3-5 million marketing campaign to introduce the drink to mainstream consumers.
The agency won the business without a review after talks with officials of Renaissance Man, the Dallas producer of the beverage.
JWTSC managing partner Ron Jenkins said initial assignments will primarily revolve around events, public relations, Internet advertising, in-store merchandising and numerous public appearances by Walker.
Print advertising “will follow the distribution channels,” said Jenkins. Work is slated to launch April 1, when the drink becomes available in Wal-Mart stores throughout the country, he said.
One of the Dallas agency’s charges is to rebrand the beverage beyond its health choice image or as a sports drink alternative to products like Gatorade.
“It has a lot of attributes as a sports drink, but we have classified it as a family beverage,” said Jenkins. “We want it to be something that active families use.”
Creative work will center around the theme, “Tastes great and is good for you.”
Jenkins said the account win is the first major new business initiative for the office’s recently formalized Brand Consulting Group. The JWTSC unit is led by senior vice president Veronica Spencer.
Spencer, along with regional vice president and regional creative director Mike Maccioli, will bring their packaged-goods experience for Anheuser-Busch, Frito-Lay and Kraft into play on the Aloe Lu Ya business, according to Jenkins.
The supplier plans to share sales proceeds with the National Arthritis Foundation.