JWT Repositions Lipton Cup-A-Soup

NEW YORK Lipton Cup-A-Soup wants to become the “workingman’s ally” in a $10 million national ad effort that repositions the brand as a healthy and convenient snack.

The TV and radio push, breaking this week via J. Walter Thompson in New York, is the first major campaign in 13 years for the brand. The effort supports a spate of initiatives launched last month to revamp Cup-A-Soup: reformulating product with richer broths and ingredients like croutons, package redesign (via Clark McDowall in New York), new Asian flavors, larger (8-ounce) serving sizes and discontinuing slow-moving SKUs.

The first of five TV spots, tagged “Beat the 3 p.m. slump,” references Lipton research that a majority of the country’s 120 million people who work outside the home feel less energetic and active at that time of the day.

“They experience a physiological, emotional and physical slump and often turn to chips, coffee and other unhealthy options,” said Howard Sherr, brand manager for Lipton Cup-A-Soup. “We want to be seen as the workers’ brand, to say that soup energizes and is nurturing.”

The ads are humorous testimonials from workplace archetypes, such as the perky cheerleader and the fake busy guy.

Radio spots break March 15, with DJ “shout-out” formats inviting listeners to share stories about their own 3 p.m. slumps.