JWT Makes Conversation for ‘Quiet Company’

CHICAGO Northwestern Mutual, known as “The quiet company” in its advertising, this week began a year-round effort to get people to enlist their financial expertise.

The print, television, radio and online effort from J. Walter Thompson in Chicago is built around a new tagline, “It’s time for quiet conversations.” The ads are meant to depict the discussions people have with their financial advisors. One ad presents a man and a woman engaged in a conversation at a bank of elevators while another woman looks on. “Isn’t it time you had a quiet conversation of your own?” asks the headline. Another execution, with the same headline, shows a man riding an up escalator while eying two men conversing on the down escalator.

“We see the ‘quiet conversations’ message as a way to address both what’s important to our consumers and what’s different about how our representatives do business,” said Karen Rondinelli, director of brand management for the Milwaukee company.

Television spots, which began airing Jan. 11 on Sunday morning news programs, will run throughout the year on cable channels such as Bravo, CNBC, CNN and the Food Network. Print will appear in publications such as Barron’s, Time and The New Yorker.

For the first time, the company will also sponsor banner ads on the Web sites of CBS Marketwatch, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Spending was not disclosed. Northwestern Mutual spent $15 million on advertising through October of last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.