JWT Launches New Schick Line

J. Walter Thompson’s $10 million campaign for a new extension of Schick’s shaving system for women positions the product as quick and easy to use, even in a hostile, male-ridden environment.
A TV spot for Silk Effects+, which breaks nationally this week, captures the frustrations of a 20-something woman who shares an apartment, and therefore a disgusting bathroom, with two guys. “Biological warfare,” she calls it, as she surveys the dirty towels and clothes.
Suction-cupped to the bathroom tile is Silk Effects+. In an instant, the woman transfers it to the mirror over the sink and starts shaving her legs. A voiceover offers product features before concluding with the tagline, “Shaving made easy.”
Print and outdoor ads also tout ease of use.
“The ad reflects a more honest attitude toward shaving–that it’s something that happens under less-than-ideal circumstances,” said agency executive creative director J.J. Jordan.
Silk Effects+, a razor with replacement blades in a single package that retails for $4.59, competes with the likes of the Gillette Sensor Excel.
With Gillette still focused on its successful Mach 3 global launch–the product is now in 25 countries–“Schick probably wanted to beat Gillette before it rolls a Mach 3 for women,” said one analyst.
Previous advertising for Silk Effects featured a supermodel who’s legs are insured by Lloyd’s of London. The tagline: “Shave safely.”
JWT has worked on Schick for parent Warner-Lambert Co. since 1984. The client spent $31 million touting Schick products last year.