JWT Hits the Street for Internet Career Builder

J. Walter Thompson aims to distinguish Internet career service thepavement.com from other sites with a debut campaign that focuses on its offerings rather than simply its name.
Tagged “Hit the world running,” the work taps into the target audience’s search for direction, said JWT Chicago account director Rahul Roy. College seniors and recent graduates are expected to be the main users. Launched this month, thepavement.com carries job listings and career-related advice, but also offers information on cars, apartment hunting and personal finance.
“We’re very cognizant that there’s a lot of stuff out there that goes into building a career,” said client marketing director Jay Grant.
JWT is heralding how the site can help young people make a number of crucial post-graduation decisions.
Print work breaking this month in campus publications pictures students alongside a checklist of their goals and humorous insights into their personality. One execution suggests thepavement.com has helped a student find affordable housing and work with a software startup, but can’t cure him of his “irrational fear of clowns.”
“Our job is to help [young people] identify the right career path,” Grant said. “We’re trying to start that conversation while they’re still in college.”
JWT is currently targeting the $5-10 million budget, modest for a dot.com, on the print work and Web banner ads. Radio spots and a more concerted print push in newspapers and magazines are planned for January.
Thepavement.com was created in August by the interactive arm of the Tribune Co. It has since become part of the BrassRing Inc., a joint venture between the Tribune and the Washington Post, which will help career hunters who have graduated from thepavement.com’s services.
JWT won the business, its first Internet account, in a review that included three agencies in Chicago and one in New York. K