JWT Cues Snow, Smoke, Romance for Diamonds

NEW YORK Prague, snow and diamonds—what could be more romantic? Perhaps a man who sees his wife’s face in everything around him, as envisioned by J. Walter Thompson in its latest holiday TV spot for Diamond Trading Company.

In the spot, a man sits at a cafe on a snowy day. A waitress with bright green eyes gives him a meaningful look. Leaving the cafe, every woman he passes has the same face, including a mannequin and pictures coming out of a photo booth. The voiceover states, “In your eyes, there’s only one woman in the world.” Finally, the man sees his wife—the actual face of the womanߞand his young son. The spot ends with the family looking out over a scenic view of Prague. The narrator delivers the tagline, “A diamond is forever.”

The spot, which broke Thanksgiving Day, has two versions: one features a diamond necklace and the other diamond earrings.

Paris-based director Bruno Aveillan, who has created similar fanciful ads for Thermasilk (another JWT client), including one depicting a damsel battling a dragon, heightened the romantic setting with subdued lighting and snow and smoke machines. Additional snow was created in post-production.

“Snow adds that extra sense of something you can’t explain,” JWT co-creative director Ed Evangelista said. “It does something to the mind that is very powerful.”

The three-day shoot took place at the end of October in Prague, which was chosen because its picturesque vistas “added that extra layer of magic,” according to Evangelista.

The fantastical nature of the spot is a switch for DTC, though the positioning—a diamond equals “I love you”—remains the same.

“Last year’s commercial was something very real,” said co-creative director Chris D’Rozario. That ad showed a man yelling, “I love this woman,” in a crowded square. “This one is more metaphorical.”

Using a couple with a child is also a new tack for the New York shop.

“[DTC ads] for years were based on engagement rings,” said Evangelista. “Now we’re getting into next step, showing how love can last.”

Mike Campbell served as chief creative officer on the ad. Yana Goodstein and Josh Rubin were the art director and copywriter, respectively.