JWT Cracks the Code

Hackers Are Heroes in Its SharkWire Ads
LOS ANGELES–J. Walter Thompson has launched a campaign for video gaming accessories maker InterAct’s new SharkWire Online console modem, which works with the Nintendo 64 platform.
SharkWire’s hardware leads users to a private gaming universe of codes and strategies. The campaign, themed “Suddenly, you know too much,” uses outrageous situations and images to illustrate the power and control that kind of access offers its male, teen target.
The campaign–TV, print, radio, direct and interactive–is backed by an estimated $5-10 million budget.
The TV spot depicts an FBI team bursting into the suburban home of a suspected computer hacker. Turns out the kid has only been using SharkWire. The confiscated computer ends up at the Pentagon, but investigators find nothing. Meanwhile, the kid has slipped off to China with his prized device, and a uniformed officer believes him to be carrying actual secret codes.
The shop’s San Francisco office created the campaign under the direction of CEO and worldwide creative director Larry Tolpin.
“Hacking codes gives kids a feeling of control and power over the establishment,” said Tolpin.
Print is running in Sports Illustrated, Gamepro, Electronic Gaming Monthly and other magazines.
Greg Rowan and John Zissimos were the art director and copywriter, respectively. K