juvenile humor

Some might argue (copywriters, no doubt) that art direction is child’s play. That could explain this year’s call for entries mailer from the Art Directors Club of Denver.
The booklet resembles a preschool primer. On the cover is a smiling raccoon holding a pencil over a notebook. Inside, writing-challenged art directors can amuse themselves for hours tracing the letters of the alphabet and filling in blanks with everyday ad terms. “I can print letters and words!” teases copy in the center of the book. “You did it!” the form agrees. “Now show off your printing by filling out the attached entry form.”
On the inside back cover is a ribbon showing dancing animals and the line “I filled out an entry form all by myself.” Instructions read, “Congratulations! Color this ribbon your favorite colors and hang it up for everyone to see.”
Best of all, everyone who enters the competition goes home happy. There are more than 100 categories, and all of the entries will be on display at Denver International Airport from July through September.
TDA Advertising in Longmont, Colo., created the piece free of charge.
–Angela Dawson