just a lot of hot air

Let’s face it: Business-to-business direct-mail ads can be just plain dull.
That is partly why art director Dave Wahl and copywriter Mike Davis of DDB Direct, Los Angeles, working on behalf of Internet search engine GoTo.com, floated a concept that would
rise above the clutter:
four-foot-long, remote-controlled helium blimps.
The dirigibles, bearing GoTo’s logo and hangtags with the copy, “For higher Web revenues, you’ve got to think out of the box,” were ultimately sent to the offices of 100 top Web-site companies in giant yellow boxes. DDB sent out two teams of production people to ensure the airships rose from the boxes ready to fly.
“There were no dead blimps, as far as we know,” Davis said.
Staffers at America Online, which received 10 of the mini-zeppelins, quickly set about flying the balloons into one another, Davis added, noting that the response was overwhelming.
“I don’t think we could have gotten a bigger impact out of it,” said Davis. “It sure beats a form letter.” –James Zolta