Just Asking: ‘The Economic Downturn…’

This week, Adweek asked agency, client and media executives, “Has the economic downturn affected your work life yet or is the worst to come?”

“I’ll use a football analogy to describe our business condition during these economic times: We’re still gaining the yardage we’ve gained in years past, but it isn’t as easy a run. The team is getting hit harder and having to fight for every inch of ground, but so far, we’re still getting there.” -Paul Marobella, Managing Director, Wirestone

“Not 10 minutes ago a client e-mailed me that a release I’d written for them (‘hired as agency for mfg. co.’) was nixed by their client because they had just laid off several thousand workers. I shook my head and said, ‘Well, there’s my first personal taste of the downturn.’ It’s a taste to which I hope not
to become overly accustomed.” -Dan Barron, president, Conroy Barron PR

“We’re on our way to a record-breaking quarter. Then again, we never had a housing bubble in the world of gaia, so there’s no bubble to pop!” -Craig Sherman, CEO, gaiaonline.com

“When you’re helping agencies win new business, an economic downturn is kind of like running the only liquor store in town.” -Brent Hodgins, partner,director of client services, Mirren Business Development

“It affected us first! … Even the real estate market has killed two [of our job] placements because their houses couldn’t be sold.” -Susan Friedman, founder, Susan Friedman Ltd.

Helping clients keep their brands relevant … is impacting everyone’s work life. One good thing about being so focused on helping steer brands through the turmoil is that I’ve stopped making regular check-ins on my tanking personal investments. -Michael McLaren, U.S. president, McCann Erickson

“It hasn’t affected my work life just yet, but just to be safe, I’ve made a hefty investment in Lehman Brothers for security’s sake.” -Patrick Scullin, Creative Director, Partner, Ames Scullin O’Haire