Just Asking

‘What’s the last ad you saw (but didn’t help create) that made you go out and buy a product or service?’

The [Apple] iPhone. And I regretted it after I bought it. —Lee Kovel, CCO, Kovel/Fuller, Culver City, Calif.

After I read about YSL’s Touche Eclat concealer in Vanity Fair and The New York Times Magazine beauty issue, I rushed to Saks to buy some. I’m not sure how well it is working, but it makes me feel quite glamorous. —Rebecca Sullivan, PR consultant, Westwood, Mass.

I haven’t made any purchases after seeing an ad lately. The closest was I saw a new “Got Milk?” [spot] on TV that pushes you online. I poured some milk in my coffee today and it reminded me of that. —Tim Kelly, director of sales, Mochi Media, San Francisco

Actually, it wasn’t an ad but more of an incredible product integration on TV. I saw the parody of Worlds of Warcraft on South Park, and it finally showed me what the damn game was that my boys were clamoring for. I caved in and bought it. —Ellen Comley, evp, managing director, MPG, Boston

The iPhone because of the simplicity of the campaign and how it highlights the functionality and the user interface. —Jeff Arbour, vp, mobile integration, The Hyperfactory, New York

I recently saw a TV ad for the Dirt Devil broom vac. People were dancing around with their Dirt Devils, cleaning up after a party. They actually made cleaning look fun! And the way they were bouncing around made the vac look so lightweight. . . . I can relate to cleaning up after people (having two daughters—18 and 24—who love to entertain in our home), so the ad really resonated with me. I went right out and bought one—in red! —Paula Slotkin, partner, co-founder, Topaz Partners, Woburn, Mass.

The truth is, I haven’t gone out and bought anything in a long time. —Jay Coen Gilbert, co-founder, B-Labs, Berwyn, Pa.