Just Asking

‘As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How is your job like that now?’

Weatherman. My job, in some ways, is about predicting the market . . . accurate forecasting that enables us to soar in any environment. —John Osborn, CEO, president, BBDO, New York

I wanted to be in the Peace Corps. Today, I work with extremely needy people who have very little money. —Bill Garrison, partner, Garrison Hughes, Pittsburgh

I wanted to be a Transformer and shoot lasers out of my eyes. And now as a writer I shoot lasers with my words. Zap! I just hit you in the cranium, yo. Take a Nuprin and call me awesome. —Brian Murray, copywriter, McKinney, Durham, N.C.

A cop. Do I really need to explain that? —Lisa Hughes, svp, account director, McKinney, Durham, N.C.

I am not sure if I have grown up. But if I do grow up, I want to head up a marketing firm—and act like a kid. —Jeff Winsper, CEO, Winsper, Boston

I wanted to be Agent 99, from Get Smart. I was always really curious, and I loved to learn about and be into everything, and this job affords me that. In one day I’m exposed to more things than you can imagine. You can be working on a critical plan for City Hall and then go to a set where a spot is being shot by Robert De Niro. —Jane Reiss, evp, CMO, NYC & Company, New York

Many young boys grow up wanting to be a pro athlete or rock star. Unfortunately, I wasn’t terribly talented on the field or on a stage. But, fortunately, I was able to take my passion for sports into the business world. When I graduated from college, I got into sports marketing, and I’ve been doing it ever since. —Dan Courtemanche, svp, marketing, communications, Major League Soccer, New York