Just Asking

‘What do you think of YouTube forsaking pre-roll spots for overlay ads that appear below select clips?”

In the end, consumers will vote with their clicks. If enough click through, then it was a success. —Stewart Owen, Chief Strategic Officer, mcgarrybowen, New York

Anything is better than pre-roll. If YouTube elected to burn images directly onto my retina, that would be better than being forced to watch something you don’t want to watch just to watch something you do want to watch. I’m boring myself just talking about it. —Roger Baldacci, evp, cd, Arnold, Boston

It makes sense as a new-frontier model, provided it’s largely non-disruptive. Because we’re talking about Google, it probably will be contextually appropriate advertising. Ultimately, however, the audience will decide this idea’s fate. —Jak Severson, managing partner, Madison Road Entertainment, Los Angeles

Research needs to be done to measure the effectiveness of both types of advertising. Based on YouTube’s overall heft, this could represent a huge shift in online advertising, but we would want to investigate if the bottom placed ads are similarly or more effective. —Josh Sarpen, manager, Initiative Futures, New York

It’s a good start towards the identification of an alternative to pre-roll. The main priority of the industry should be to find a viable non-intrusive option. This is a critical process for advertisers as video continues to grow as part of the creative media mix. —Scott Shamberg, vp, eMarketing, Critical Mass, Chicago

In an opt-in world, forcing people to watch ads they don’t want to watch doesn’t make sense for anyone. —Phyllis Dealy, partner, director of account services, Woods Witt Dealy & Sons, New York