Just Asking

“Is there a movie tie-in to rival the makeover of 7-Elevens into Simpsons Kwik-E-Marts?”

Star Wars really missed a trick in not restyling the moon as the Death Star. Imagine the merchandise we’ve come to expect from the moon—rock, dust—repackaged as Death Dust, Death Rock, Princess Leia in Death Dust form. Lucas could really make some money. —Jeff Kling, alumni instrutor, W+K 12, Portland, Ore.

I believe the greatest movie tie-in ever was ET and Reese’s Pieces. —Jay Farrell, North American CEO, OgilvyAction, Chicago

It’s the most natural and perhaps one of the most effective, definitely. Natural because 7-Eleven has been parodied by Kwik-E-Mart for 20 years and effective because it provides a unique environmental tie-in to the Simpsons brand. Infinitely superior to the average toy-with-your-burger effort. —Ted D’Cruz Young, principal, Ideocracy, New York

To effectively rebrand a physical piece of the national pop-cultural landscape in a way that benefits both the advertiser—the movie—and the media channel—the individual 7-Eleven stores—is a hard achievement to beat. To paraphrase Mr. Burns, it’s as if “dame fortune has hugged 7-Eleven and the Simpsons movie to her sweet, perfumed bosom.” I raise my Squishee to whoever pulled this off. —Ernest Lupinacci, principal, Ernest Industries, New York

I heard Chili’s is in negotiation for Gone With the Wind 2. They’re gonna burn down Atlanta and cook I Want My Baby Back Ribs. —Kelly Simmons, cd, bubble, Philadelphia

The Trojan Cheaper by the Dozen 12-pack. Comes with a DVD of the movie. The best birth control in the world just got better. —Dave Kwasnick, gcd, Blattner Brunner, Pittsburgh

What makes this Simpsons tie-in great is the natural fit. The film gets awareness using an unusual media channel and PR, and the brand shows off its sense of humor by borrowing equity from a great entertainment property. Both parties win because they are catering to a similar audience and creatively the idea works seamlessly. The greatest ever? Only time will tell. —Teddy Lynn, svp, director, branded entertainment, Arnold, Boston

It’s brilliant. I love that they took it down to the product level and are selling Krusty-O’s, Squishees and Buzz Cola. Really smart. —John Butler, creative director, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, Sausalito, Calif.