Just Asking

We asked executives which campaigns would score top prizes at upcoming awards shows.

I’m not sure there’s a clear-cut, runaway favorite. That said, I believe the Skittles work, the VW “Safe happens” work and Coke’s “Happiness Factory” will all do well. —Jay Sharfstein, ecd, Filter, New York

The Nike+ effort from R/GA should win every show it enters. . . . [Crispin] will also rack up the medals with King Games. And lowly old TV will be ruled by all of the Skittles spots created by TBWA, New York. —Robert Rasmussen, cd, JWT, New York

The most interesting thing I have seen this year is the Tate Modern music integrated campaign. It was a big idea that made what I perceive as a stuffy museum relevant for a young audience. —John Butler, cd, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, Sausalito, Calif.

I believe it’s going to be Combos, although it’s not my favorite. . . . The ads that stand out for me are “Grand Theft Auto” and “Vending Machine.” —Kevin Swanepoel, president, The One Club, New York

Nike’s “Lacrimosa” [Wieden] takes the whole notion of the buzzer shot to another level beyond basketball and unfolds emotions of every person in that drama. . . . That’s why sports/life has so many analogies—or is it the other way around? —David Angelo, CCO, davidandgoliath, El Segundo, Calif.

Multiple ad techniques are used to great effect in the “Mac vs. PC” campaign. . . . Mac’s brand personality—friendly, uncomplicated, hip—appears in every [ad]. It’s that combination that earns it the title of best brand campaign of 2007. —David Chamberlain, cd, Gyro, New York

In America, where we’re starving for diversity, a [Vaseline] spot celebrates all different color skins. There’s a really beautiful message in there. —Rob Schwartz, ecd, TBWA\Chiat\Day, Playa del Rey, Calif.

Honestly, I don’t follow advertising that closely. —Nat Lawlor, copywriter, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco