Just Asking

You’ve got to admire anyone who has the audacity to try to take on the iPod. The Zune seems to be trying to appeal to a younger, hipper, more budget-conscious crowd, but the iPod is more than marketing. It is a culture based on a design sensibility that the Zune will find next to impossible to crack.

The iPod is entrenched in the minds of consumers, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft can’t win. . . . It will boil down to [available] music libraries and having a sexy player on your desktop to sync up to. I was a Mac user, but became a reverse switcher when my studio became a PC shop. I own two iPods and love the fact that iTunes is a great music player for my PCs. I will have to wait and see before I become a reverse switcher again. —

Although the Zune is a decent shot at the iPod, it’s certainly no knockout punch. Wireless content sharing will score well, but Apple will come back swinging. Stick around for the real fight: the Apple iPhone. —

If someone wirelessly beams to my Zune an amazing song, I get to listen to it three times before it magically disappears and is replaced with an ad to buy that song? Seems to me like a really frustrating user experience. Also, I don’t think the Zune will ever reach the ‘fashion accessory’ level that the iPod has. iPod wins. If they were going to wait this long, they could have come out with something to blow us away. I [played] a Zune a couple of weeks ago. It was BIG and brown and, although I didn’t hate it, I wouldn’t trade in my iPod at this point.