Just Asking

I answered once and for all the ‘Google: Friend or Foe?’ question. For all their early mistakes in alienating agencies, they now seem to be putting their muscle behind solutions that will help solve the consumer-engagement problem and help agencies create more value. Seeing 31 inner-city high schools’ 300 students participate in [Advertising Futures] that educates them about the advertising business was most important. At the beginning of the day I asked how many people had considered a career in advertising before and a quarter of them raised their hands. I asked the same question afterwards and over half raised their hands. Given the diversity issues the industry has, this has to be in my estimation the most important thing that came out of the week.

It’s always great to rekindle relationships, especially when they lead to unexpected business opportunities. It’s also nice to meet new people and see the breadth and depth of our industry brought to life in an array of forums. —I learned my toothpaste couldn’t make it through security. That the hard-core metrics still aren’t there and aren’t being talked enough about. People are sharing their ideas about the tactics, but not where they’re netting out. It’s still exciting and encouraging, but we still have to work hard to evolve the medium. The term ‘nontraditional media’ has now officially been replaced with ‘alternative surfaces.’ So much better.