Just Asking

“It would seem silly to reveal, in such an open forum . . . Simply because I’d want to be the first to use it. A close second is Peter Gabriel’s ‘The Feeling Begins’ from The Last Temptation of Christ. Big, inspirational and makes your hair stand upright for a fairly long time.” “I would use M.I.A.’s ’10 dollar’ for a beer spot.” “Rock and Roll” by the Velvet Underground. It’s optimistic. It’s got the obligatory hook, and it drives and builds but stays raw so you believe every note. I’d take its tinny ’60s sound and barb it against an ultra-mod visual. How could you resist a brand associated with Lou Reed?” “It could never happen in a million years, but taking McCartney’s lovely song ‘Blackbird’ and using it for Blackberry would be hilarious.” “I’d re-arrange and produce Carl Douglas’ ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ for a :60 broadcast global ad, make it brand-ownable, blow it out and release it as a full-length single, downloadable from iTunes and/or the brand’s Web site, have it become a No. 1 hit on Billboard, subsequently win a Grammy, a Lion, a Clio and an Oscar, allow me to wear a white suit, drink Cristal, hang hard with raw foodists, fly in a private jet and, 25 years from now, hear the tune on classic rock XM radio in my BMW convertible driving in the cols of France during the summer solstice, whilst mentally calculating my royalties to date.’