Just Asking

“Jaws by Peter Benchley. It is, in essence, a story about a hungry fish looking to make friends with a few beachgoers. He just needs to work on his people skills.” “Because beaches have so many distractions, I like rereading books I’ve read before. Recently, I just reread Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. Having read it again, I can say, it’s awesome.”

“Street Level by Bob Truluck—a fictional mystery gem featuring Orlando private eye Duncan Sloane as he works his way through ‘the underbelly of Florida’s world of sperm banks and trailer parks.’ ”

“Since we’re in launch mode right now, I recommend reading the Nissan Versa owner’s manual. It’s a little sexy, a little intriguing. It will be a page-turner and even have pictures.”

“I would take the Patrick O’Brian novel Master and Commander. It’s the perfect way to read and feel at one with the ocean at your feet. Plus, when you finish the first book, you still have 19 more in the series to finish out your summer.” “I’m currently reading The End of Poverty by Jeffrey Sachs. After 80-hour weeks of advertising and business, it’s necessary to get reinspired by a purely altruistic and philanthropic mentality. This book is a refreshing perspective on tangible methods by which we can actually eliminate the world’s extreme poverty during our generation.” —Nihal Mehta, CEO, ipsh!, San Francisco