Just Asking

“Ironically enough, I spend more time on Friendster and MySpace for work than I do for play, which is great because I get to play armchair anthropologist.” “Several hours a week, and none of them actually socializing or networking. It’s a good way of tapping into people’s interests, and ultimately finding a way to influence them. People are relatively unfiltered online, so you get more of their aspirations, fears and passions coming through. Sometimes more than you ever wanted to know!”Probably about 10 hours a week. I post profiles and I use them for different forms of information gathering. It’s obviously as much a personal as a professional interest.””Minimal. Because I spend so much time on professional networking sites, so that social networking sites and social life itself fall by the wayside. I do a lot of survey-type responses, or fire off questions on message boards.””One to two hours per week, but the temptation to spend more time is increasing. I’m a huge fan of Gather, Rocketboom, YouTube and ManiaTV. Social media is a captivating phenomenon. I’m committed to monitoring the growth of emerging technology and in leveraging this technology to either create innovative branding opportunities for our clients or simply reach consumers in new and unexpected ways.”