Just Asking

We’ll be taking our first two-week vacation in over 15 years. Taking my daughters to Morocco where, hopefully, they’ll be less inclined to shop than they do at home. —

Strolling down the Champs-Elysées in shorts. —

For starters, I’m dropping my 11-year-old daughter off at a wonderful seven-week sleep-away camp near Lake Placid. And then the party begins. Well, in reality, in between working on some projects for my new design firm and my online photography gallery, I’m planning on taking some time in Barcelona with my 4×5 camera. —

My avocation is sculpting—I sculpt nude people in clay at the New York Academy of Art. I am going to take another sculpting class plus a one-week workshop.

I’m going to foosball camp. My wife and I are heading to Spain so I can show off my bilingualness by ordering things like “gatos con queso.” —I’m going to St. Simon’s Island (off the coast of Georgia). We have a condo there. We’ll also go to Cape Cod. My sister-in-law has a house there. What’s summer? I live in L.A. What’s a vacation? I work at Chiat\Day!