Just Asking

I hate to love the Geico gecko because I think the idea is flawed. But now that he’s a little more Lock, Stock … I find myself unable to turn away. —Jonathan Goldmacher, international new business director, Euro RSCG, New York

You know what I love to hate? “AT&T. Your World. Delivered.” Could there possibly be any more hubris embedded in a line? Particularly from a company just acquired from one of its offspring. Besides, the last time I checked, AT&T was a phone company, not a travel agency. —I love to hate all the Burger King spots that have the King. I think those miss the mark. The King comes across as creepy and doesn’t make you feel good about Burger King. I was hoping I’d get used to them after repeated viewings, but that didn’t happen. I like the Geico gecko. I wouldn’t say it that loud, but I do. He’s got a great voice. There is something about his mannerisms and his voice. He’s like a scrappy little rugby player. —Steve Stone, president, executive creative director, Heat, San Francisco

My guilty pleasure ad? I can’t think of one. I miss the days when TV had more awesomely bad, locally produced TV commercials. Crazy Eddie, Go See Cal, etc. We’re too professional about the whole thing now. I love to hate anything with Kirstie Alley because she is the quintessence of the self-absorbed celebrity, whether it was pretending to be Barbara Eden for Pier 1 or pitching for Jenny Craig. She has good comedic skills, but she’s contrived in the commercials. —