Just Asking

Hummer’s “Little Monster”: Best use of dinosaur/machine procreative sex in a product launch. It could also be eligible for some kind of recognition by the UN for the promotion of cross-cultural exchange. —Greg DiNoto, CEO, DiNoto, New York

The “Pinch” spot for Honda Element and the Web site that goes with it. I’d give it a Land O’ Lakes box that’s folded up so her knees become her breasts, and call it the Golden Butter. —The accidental success of the Saturday Night Live music video “Lazy Sunday.” More people saw it and talked about it than probably have tuned in to the show all year. The award: “Best Blown Opportunity for Goodwill, Great Buzz, and Re-established Relevance,” which of course goes to the suits at NBC who immediately pulled the thing off the Internet and tossed it behind a walled garden. —It was a print ad for Slim-Fast. It’s hilarious. It was a very stark setting with a dark jail cell, showing nothing but a cot and an empty can of Slim-Fast. The concept was the person lost weight so fast they could slip through the bars. It made the product the star, and was very effective. I thought it was right up there with the Palme d’Or. —The Guinness animated bloopers spot. The prize should be a DVD boxed set of The Best of Monty Python. —

The one I love is for CareerBuilder.com. … A woman is on the phone with a guy who explains that he works with a bunch of monkeys. She says, ‘I understand. I work with a bunch of jackasses,’ and it shows her surrounded by donkeys. It should get the ‘Funny but True’ prize. —Barb Scherer, director of strategic planning, Push, Orlando, Fla.