Just Asking

My dad was a bartender. He used to fold it up in his wallet, so he could show it to his customers. Since they were intoxicated, it didn’t matter. —Tonise Paul, CEO, Energy BBDO, Chicago

Neither the fridge nor hiding. As with anything of importance in an Italian family, our report cards were discussed with tremendous pride, in detail, over dinner. —Before it went on the fridge, it was used to wipe off tears of joy from my mother’s face. It definitely didn’t go into hiding. My mom wasn’t big on the fridge as a vehicle—you know, not enough exposure, low reach. She made multiple copies, had them laminated and passed them out at local grocery stores. If we had a computer back then, I’m sure she would have started a blog. I was an only child. My report card went smack dab in the center of the refrigerator as soon as I walked in the door with it. I have to admit I was a bit of a brainiac. So report cards were no sweat—except when it came to math. Because as we all know, creatives by birth are numerically challenged. 2x(y + 6) = call an AE. They never put it on the refrigerator. They hadn’t invented fridge magnets in Liverpool at that time. Our refrigerators were not big enough to put report cards on anyway. The most they would do is show it around the family. —