Just Asking

The first one I ever listened to was called the Tartan podcast, which highlights new bands coming out of Scotland, particularly Glasgow. I got into it pretty late, but that got me interested in others. I get The Stephanie Miller Show, a lefty talk show, every day. I get two weekly ones: NPR’s On the Media and a movie interview show called The Treatment. But I’m really a novice. The whole podcast thing is kind of a giant intellectual grocery store, and I feel like I haven’t even made it out of produce.

I don’t listen to podcasts. In fact, I don’t know anyone who listens to podcasts. Conversely, about 50 percent of the people I know use urinals. So, as a marketer, I’m pretty convinced that the real future has something to do with urinal advertising.

I’m watching American Chopper on my iPod while tracking the closing seconds of an eBay auction on my Trio. It rings. Bryan Jessee calling. I can barely hear him over Audioslave’s new single, playing on my Sirius system. Just then, some clown speeds up alongside me and wants to have a conversation about my car’s Hemi. My coffee spills. I swerve wildly, the car flips and cartwheels. I awaken in a cold sweat. Nope, no podcasting for me this week, thanks. Seems I’m over-stimulated enough already.

I listen to mostly news podcasts and the occasional blog. I listened to Sunday’s Meet The Press on Tuesday. For some reason, two-day-old news seems less stale on a podcast. Plus, talking heads come across better when you don’t have to see them, especially if one of them is Ted Kennedy.