Just Asking

Yes, but adoption will be impacted by generational, and quite frankly, quality-of-vision considerations. Envision three-minute newscasts, the 60-second NFL weekly highlights, a 30-second stupid video clip or a one-minute movie preview. Everything has to be in quick, digestible chunks so we can maintain our daily ADD pace. —Absolutely. But we’re going to need tiny bags of Cheetos and little bitty Barcaloungers as well. I think people will watch TV and video on smaller screens as a matter of convenience, not of choice. People still want the big screen when they can get it. Hopefully not when they’re driving, but absolutely, yes. Some people would watch on their thumbnail if it were possible. We’re a mobile society, easily bored. What’s interesting is Apple selling ABC content without ads. One more chink in the armor of TV.

I don’t think traditional television-format shows will be watched by consumers on small screens due to the low attentiveness levels associated with a multitasking device such as a cell phone, Blackberry or iPod. I do believe that branded entertainment shorts will have a place in the small-screen universe. They will present advertisers with another messaging opportunity that should be well-received by early adopters. TVs over the years have become bigger and bigger. I think it will take a while for our culture to reverse that habit.