Just Asking

I did a campaign about a zillion years ago … ‘NBC, Proud as a Peacock.’ The jingle became very popular. We received a call from a lady at an old-age home who said, ‘We just love that song and sing it all the time. Could we get a copy of it?’ We sent the jingle singers to the home to perform it live. They loved it. About 15 years ago, for a Kodak commercial, we bought these pictures from a photographer’s estate. Beautiful, poignant, Dorothea Lange-esque studio shots of people during the Depression. We found all of the people in the shots, but we couldn’t find this one family. After they saw the ad on TV, they were weeping with joy that they were in these ads. How they found me, I don’t know. Was from Bill Gates. … We developed the campaign, ‘Your Potential, Our Passion’ … focused on key influentials in Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley. The broadcast work circulated around Microsoft, and when Bill Gates saw it, he sent an e-mail saying he loved the new work. Within a day, he approved $150 million to make it the corporate campaign for Microsoft. —

I did an ad about a guy from Iceland; it was Pac Bell … about two guys separated at birth. One went to California and one went to Iceland. The twin in California was playing volleyball, but the one in Iceland was cold and miserable. Their names were Doug and Doog. We got a long letter from [an Icelandic] woman saying we had been very insulting to Icelandic people. … She wrote we should have saved our insults for Norwegians. It was the sole complaint.