Just Asking

I love the advertising for Mac and iPods. I bought a bunch of iPods for Christmas this year and gave them as presents. I saw the ad and said ‘I got to have one.’ —Chris Schlegel, cd, Kilgannon McReynolds in Atlanta

During one conference call last week, I bought 20 songs on iTunes, a vintage San Diego Padres jersey and a case of wine. All were directly because of seeing online ads.

—Patrick Godfrey, managing partner, Godfrey Q & Partners in San Francisco

Those irreverent Altoids print ads are a constant reminder that it’s quite possible I could use a mint.—David Smith, svp/cd, RPA in Santa Monica, Calif.

Canyon Ranch. An image in one of their print ads of a woman sitting in the lotus position conveyed such a sense of peace and serenity I tore it out and booked three days of yoga, exercise, spa treatments and much-deserved rest for my wife, Diana.—Mark Schwatka ecd, Grey in New York

I booked a trip to St. John because I saw an ad for Virgin Islands. I think it was just a pretty picture. —Mikal Reich, chief creative officer, Mad Injection in New York

I recently bought two iPod minis—a pink one for my mom and a silver one for a close personal friend of mine. The campaign was pretty great, although the U2 album isn’t very good. I think it blows. I just bought a CD for my daughter the other day, Avril Levigne. She’s 8. I’m sure it was ad influenced.

—Niko Courtelis, deputy cd, Cosettle Post in New York