Just Asking

The Pepsi spot “Boy in the Bottle.” I was creative director on it, but I didn’t write it. That’s my favorite. I gotta say the old Bud Bowl stuff looked terrible. I hated that. It tried too hard to be funny and make football analogies.

Least favorite is easy: The Nuveen spot where Christopher Reeve walks. Very creepy. My favorite? Tough call. Probably the Coke “Mean Joe Green” spot. Any ad that spawns perhaps the worst made-for-TV-movie ever (The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid) is OK in my book. —

My favorite is probably [Apple’s] “1984,” just on the basis that it was a one-time shot. My least favorite would have to be all the people who spent a million bucks, and the spots, no one can remember them.

One of the best ads had Christopher Reeve walking for a fund [Nuveen]. It was shocking—Superman had this awful accident, and yet he’s walking. You ask, “How is that possible?” And the answer is, “Funds make the impossible possible through investments.” My least favorite is the one I can’t remember. A guy spends a fortune on it, and it’s completely invisible? If I hate it, at least I’ll remember it.

My favorite one is definitely the E*Trade spot where the monkey shows up and [copy reads], “We just wasted $2 million. What are you doing with your money?” Not necessarily the worst but the most annoying spot was the Master Lock spot they would run every year. It was rumored they spent their entire budget on that one spot. It drove me crazy.